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The picture above shows the Artifacts in the same way as they were droped in 1862 we just dug under the dirt and placed the square dirt in a small wooden box to show how the Artifacts are being rotting away soon all traces of Artifacts will be lost forever.
1) Bottom: Eagle button,   2) Gun tool    3) Musket hammer
1859 Sharps 52.Cal. Sword Bayonet
 Civil War Bayonet Springfield
Civil War Musket Lock Plate
Exploded cannon shell frag, 3 - Gun tools 
Civil War US Belt Buckle
1861 Springfield Musket Bayonet
2 Cent Coin 1864
58. Cal. Civil War Musket Bullets  
Civil War Canister Shot
Exploded Artillery Shells
 Artillery Shell Fuse w/shot
Cannon Friction Primer / Revolver bullets
Dug Georgia Buckle / Antietam
 "All artifacts recovered from private land with owner's permission."
British TOWER musket hammer  , Blanket buckle